June 2016

How to avoid the most common mistakes made when applying for Social Security disability benefits
Clients frequently ask what are the most common mistakes people make when they apply for Social Security disability and how can they avoid them.   The two most frequently-seen mistakes are [...]
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Increase in Income Benefit
Georgia workers compensation is an incredibly unique animal.  Unlike a personal injury case where the judge or jury decides the case and the damages are awarded based upon the injury, [...]
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How do you know it is work related?
How do you know when an injury is work related? Believe it or not, this is not always an easy thing to determine.  Sometimes employees are injured in pretty obvious ways. [...]
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Fault or No Fault?, That is the Question.
This morning I was on my Thursday morning radio show and a caller asked a great question, “If I am injured on the job and I was at fault, can [...]
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Failure to Report an Accident
Several years ago (before I was an attorney), I was driving on I-85 approaching downtown Atlanta when the traffic came to a complete stop.   I was not speeding and [...]
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