November 2016

An Overview of Social Security Disability for Georgia
What Is Social Security Disability, and How Does It Differ From Other Benefits and Entitlement Programs? Social Security is a federal program that helps individuals with disabilities. If you have [...]
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How the Georgia Workers’ Compensation Claim Process Work
How Does the Process of Filing a Worker’s Compensation Claim Work? If you have been injured while working in Georgia, follow the appropriate steps to file a claim for worker’s [...]
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3 Main Workers’ Compensation Benefits in Georgia
What Three Benefits Can I Obtain From Georgia Worker’s compensation? The government offers Georgia employees who are injured on the job a number of benefits under state law. The cash [...]
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Origins of Georgia’s Worker’s Compensation System
What Is the Origin and Purpose of Georgia’s Worker Compensation System? Before Georgia’s state government established a system for worker’s compensation, employees had no rights to benefits from their employers [...]
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