4 Resources to Help After a Georgia Car Accident

Amazing Resources For Car Accident Victims: Part 1

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that over 2.44 million individuals were injured in car crashes in 2015. Survivors experience decades of physical suffering, plus extreme emotional trauma. Recovery is a lengthy process, but these resources can expedite the journey and make your pain easier to handle:

  1. Survivor Stories

Your physical pain and emotional suffering may currently seem unbearable, but it is possible to recover and emerge stronger in the aftermath of a car crash. This compilation of stories from AfterTrauma will give you hope and make you feel less alone.

  1. Anxiety After a Car Accident? Here’s 7 Ways to Recovery

Driving anxiety is perfectly normal in the aftermath of a car accident, but an inability to get behind the wheel can compromise both your job performance and your social life. Follow these seven tips from Driving Peace to get back on the road with complete confidence.

  1. How Playing Tetris Tames the Trauma of a Car Crash

On the hunt for unusual, but effective solutions to accident-based emotional trauma? According to a 2017 NPR story, a simple game of Tetris may be your best option. The report highlights a recent study, which indicates that just twenty minutes of Tetris can block out intrusive memories.

  1. Cost of Auto Crashes and Statistics

The Rocky Mountain Insurance Information Association has compiled an extensive collection of statistics regarding the prevalence of auto accidents and the potential for compensation. While browsing through these stats, you’ll learn about average liability claims, common causes of car crashes, and the cost of medical care for injured drivers.

The resources highlighted above are just the beginning. Smith, Wallis and Scott, LLP can help you navigate the complications of car accidents and other personal injury cases, so get in touch today to learn more.

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