How Much is My Workers Comp Case Worth?

I get asked this question all the time.  Many times it is at the point of consultation.  After many years of meeting with thousands of clients, I have realized one thing, clients are really not that interested in the value of their case.  They really want to know if I am a “good lawyer”.

A good lawyer will know the process and procedure of a case.  A good lawyer will know what benefits a person is entitled to receive.  A good lawyer will know the probability of winning.  And a good lawyer will know the value of a case.

At least that is what clients believe.

When I go to meet a client and I am asked this question, the first thing I do is tell them the most common word in the lawyer’s dictionary:  it depends.  Depends on what?

Several factors dictate the value of a case:

1. How many weeks of income benefits the person is expected to receive?

2. What is the permanent disability rating?

3. How much medical treatment is anticipated in the future?

4. What body part was injured?

5.  The present day value of a lump sum settlement.

6. Average weekly wage of the injured worker.

After I have made an assessment of all of these factors, then I can put together a settlement demand.  As you can see, without a crystal ball, no one can tell you the value of your case immediately after an injury.

If you have been injured in work accident, you should seek an experienced attorney that can make sure you receive the benefits you are entitled to receive and also put your case in a position that maximizes your settlement value.  Call now 770-214-2500.






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