Researching, Qualifying and Hiring a Georgia Car Accident Attorney: A Roadmap

Researching, Qualifying and Hiring a Georgia Car Accident Attorney: a Roadmap

Hiring an experienced good Georgia car accident attorney makes a lot of sense if you’ve been seriously injured in a motor vehicle accident. But how do you go about finding appropriate legal representation? You’re in the midst of a difficult situation, and you may be tempted to simply go online and contact the first law firm appearing on the search engines. Resist that temptation – your entire case depends on doing your research and finding a qualified firm that shares your values and has the capacity, knowledge, negotiating chops and courtroom skills to advocate aggressively on your behalf.

Define Your Purpose and Standards

Before calling up firms to schedule consultations, stop and clarify what you need out of the relationship and what you expect. Fill in this blank: “I need a Georgia car accident attorney because ______.” Maybe you just crave fair compensation for your injuries. Maybe you need insight into what to do if the other driver lies and/or takes action against you. Maybe your goal is to get this off your plate ASAP, so you can finish a big work project or finalize a divorce.

Next, spell out your standards. What do you expect from your team? Maybe you need to hire someone within 15 miles of your house. Maybe you want to be sure the firm will treat you as an individual and really spend time with you. Maybe you want to find the most aggressive possible car accident lawyer.

Define your purpose and standards before you start vetting firms.

Questions to Ask

Before choosing a firm, interview prospective lawyers in person. Have a list of questions to ask. These might include:

  • Why do you and your team practice personal injury law? What drew you to this field?
  • What are your firm’s strengths? What makes your team special?
  • What are your weaknesses? Why wouldn’t someone hire you?
  • What sort of experience do you have with cases similar to mine?
  • What charges can I expect? (Many car accident lawyers take cases on a contingency basis, but not all do. Some firms bill for things like photocopying and postage. You may need to pay fees for medical and other experts to review the case. Get clarity.)
  • How often can I expect updates on my case?
  • How long do you guess my case will take? What are potential challenges that could arise?
  • What’s your process for handling cases like mine?

Once you have asked these and other relevant questions, spend time deliberating. Pay attention both to the technical information you’ve obtained as well as to your intuition about the firm. Sometimes, our gut instincts pick up on key factors that our conscious minds neglect.

Have you been hurt in a Georgia car accident? Please consider setting a time to speak with the team at Smith Wallis, and Scott, LLP. Call us at 770-214-2500 for a consultation, or explore more resources here.


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