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Working While Applying for Social Security Disability
If you have applied for Social Security Disability Insurance and/or SSI benefits, then either you have been forced to stop working entirely or are making and doing less that what [...]
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A Powerful Behavior to Help You Regain Control
The Game-Changing Power of the Weekly Review Statistics from the Pew Research Center indicate that 20 percent of Americans suffer from information overload. With constant exposure to advertisements, TV shows, [...]
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Healthy Living Ideas for Those on Social Security Disability
Better Habits For Better Health—Even (Or Especially) If You Have a Disability Disabilities often prompt black and white thinking in regards to healthy living. Your health is already compromised, so [...]
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Social Security Disability and Boredom: Solutions!
Security Disability (SSD) process: benefits rarely arrive exactly when you need them. If you’re like most prospective beneficiaries, you’re in for a long and frustrating wait. In the meantime, you [...]
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5 Empowering Books to Read When You Need Georgia Social Security Disability
5 Must-Read Books About Overcoming Adversity to Inspire Your SSD Benefits Journey Life with a disability involves endless challenges. In addition to the physical and mental struggles of chronic health [...]
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