With a career spanning more than 30 years, Kenneth (Ken) A. Smith is one of the founding partners of this firm. Since its creation in 1996, the firm has helped thousands of injured Georgians: Ken has focused his practice exclusively on workers’ compensation cases, and he himself has personally litigated hundreds of these cases. But Ken never forgets that every client and case is different—and he is fighting for someone’s life and livelihood. Ken is known for compassion to clients and fearlessness when it comes to his opponents. That comes from being the son of two working-class parents—and his father’s work as a police officer. Watching his dad and his dad’s partners on the police force, Ken grew up knowing two things that would eventually shape his entire life: First, Ken knew what an on-the-job injury could do to someone’s career—how devastating and life-changing such an event could be. Second, he saw firsthand how the law could dramatically affect people’s lives. Reflecting on the impact his dad’s career had on his own, Ken said, “I was inspired to become a lawyer so that I could play a role in helping everyone, no matter the station in life, to get justice and equal access under the law.” Prior to founding the firm, Ken worked for more than a decade as in-house counsel for Southwire Company, practicing both corporate and workers’ compensation defense law. Therefore, he knows all the tactics that companies and insurers use to defeat employees’ worthy claims. “The Workers’ Compensation Insurance Companies have all of the resources and all the money to defend workers’ compensation cases. We are like David going up against Goliath,” said Ken. But he uses his expertise and inside knowledge to regularly defeat these Goliaths: “It is so satisfying and makes me the proudest when we are able to go to court and win getting income and medical benefits for the client.” Ken worked his way through both college and law school, attaining a Bachelor of Arts degree from LaGrange College and a Juris Doctorate from the University of Georgia Law School. He is a long-standing member of the State Bar of Georgia and a member of the Georgia Workers’ Compensation Claimants Law Section
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