Why you need an attorney for a worker’s compensation claim

Do I need an attorney for my Georgia workers compensation case?  This is a question I get frequently.  Unlike other types of cases such as filing for a divorce or a small claims court case, workers compensation is a body of law that is extremely complex to navigate without representation.  When you get injured at work there are a series of laws that come into play that are totally unrelated to anything you may have been used to in the past.

For instance, in workers compensation cases you are entitled to received a check for 66% of your average weekly wage, 100% of your medical treatment and permanent disability rating based upon your disability.

But there is a catch.   You have to properly report your case within 30 days of your accident.  Many times you have to go to a company doctor first. And lastly and most importantly, you have to fill out a ton of forms.  Many of these forms have complicated and confusing language that may result in you throwing away your right to choose a doctor of your choice.

If only all case were clear cut, maybe an attorney would not be necessary.  Unfortunately, this is not the case.

What happens if you were injured but did not report it within 30 days and just continued working until the pain was unbearable?

What if your employer fires you for not keeping up with production?

What if the accident was your fault?

All great questions.  You still have a case.  At Smith, Wallis & Scott, LLP we can help you navigate the process.

Bottom line:  you need an attorney.   Don’t delay.


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