Winning Social Security Disability: A Guide from a Georgia Attorney

SSDI: Summing Up the Big Ideas

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is not the simple program you once might have assumed. It’s a mess of applications, documentation and claim denials. Your attorney can serve as the calm through the storm, ensuring that you secure the benefits needed to lead a satisfying life.

Why Are SSDI Claims So Difficult to Secure?

High SSDI rejection rates are nothing new, but recent Social Security Administration efforts have tightened the belt for this and other disability programs. The goal, ostensibly, is to prevent those in good health from acquiring undeserved benefits. Unfortunately, the ensuing qualification process discourages many eligible individuals from pushing for the benefits they deserve. Complications include consultative medical exams, medical source limitations and the SSA’s official listing of impairments.

Even after securing disability, claimants may receive surprisingly low payments; in 2016, the average monthly compensation was just $1,166, with many qualified individuals receiving less than $1,000 each month.

Overpayment and Stopped Payments

Remain vigilant after securing SSDI, since your payments could suddenly stop. The SSA may ultimately decide you earn too much or aren’t sick enough for benefits. If SSA officials believe you’ve been paid too much, repayment may prove necessary. You can request reconsideration, but if it’s denied, you may be forced to appeal.

Working with a Social Security Disability Attorney

Forget navigating the quagmire of the Social Security Administration on your own; a skilled attorney could spell the difference between getting by with benefits and an outright denial. That being said, your lawyer can’t do it all alone; you’ll need to arrive at all appointments prepared with requested paperwork. Be honest about your condition and the true extent of your suffering; even minor exaggerations could lead to claim denial.

Throughout our blog posts on the topic over the past several months, you’ve hopefully discovered a great deal about SSDI, but applying theory to practice is challenging. Contact the experienced, compassionate SSDI lawyers at Smith, Wallis and Scott, LLP today to schedule a confidential case evaluation.

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