Common Defenses Insurance Companies Use to Deny Georgia Car Accident Claims

Claim denials are undeniably frustrating, particularly when ample evidence indicates that the policyholder qualifies for compensation. Insurance adjusters use every trick in the book to put a stop to deserved claims — a few of their more disturbing ploys are highlighted below:

Acts of God in Georgia

Adjusters who rely on the “Act of God” defense may claim that a given accident only occurred due to unexpected weather conditions or other uncontrollable circumstances — driver negligence supposedly played no role. In certain cases, this defense may be valid, but often, drivers and their insurers use this excuse to cover for irresponsible behavior behind the wheel.

Playing the “Good Guy”

Be cautious of overly sympathetic insurance adjusters — they’re rarely on your side! Rather, they demonstrate false compassion in hopes of convincing you to downplay your symptoms or even admit fault. Problematic adjusters may also claim that they’re making every effort to close the case as soon as possible. In reality, they stall in hopes of missing the statute of limitations.

Social Media Stalking

Don’t mention your accident on Twitter or Facebook; you could compromise your case. Increasingly, companies follow accident victims online, as foolish individuals often incriminate themselves while discussing their vehicular mishaps. Insurers are also eager to determine whether your injuries are as severe as you claim. Consider waiting until your case is closed before posting those surfing or sky diving pictures.

Incentives for Georgia Claims Representatives

Insurance companies incentivize employees to deny as many car accident claims as possible. For example, the American Association for Justice highlights a Farmers Insurance executive, who quipped that representatives should wear a fake tooth grin while responding “Sorry, no more” to policy holders in desperate need of compensation.

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