Georgia Car Accidents: How to Handle the Insurance Company Adjuster After Being Injured

You’re still trying to process the car accident, your injuries and all the ramifications, and now you have to deal with the insurance company adjuster. It’s a difficult but necessary situation. You must notify your own insurance company as soon as possible. Speak to a qualified attorney before giving a statement if you have been badly hurt.

Remember that the other party’s insurance adjuster has one primary purpose – to get you to agree to the lowest settlement possible. Say as little as possible, and don’t sign any agreement until you speak with your attorney. Remember that you get one chance at a settlement, and if you make a bad decision, you’re out of luck.

Just the Facts

You must give the adjuster your basic personal information: name, address and phone number. Confirm the location, time and date of the accident, but do not provide detailed information regarding the circumstances or your injuries or how you feel, subjectively. You can tell the adjuster about the type of accident – head-on crash, rear-end collision – but you don’t need to say any more. Do not mention what you believe caused the accident, and never say it was your fault. Do not allow a recording of your statement.

The insurance adjuster may ask you seemingly innocuous questions, but avoid answering them. He or she does not need to know where you work, what you do or your prior medical history. What you say could be twisted and later used against you to deny or diminish your claim. Just mention you aren’t giving out information until you consult your lawyer.

Different Insurances May Apply

Insurance is complicated, and insurance adjusters don’t want to make it any easier. Depending on who was involved in the accident and the type of insurance you and the other driver carry, there may be various sources of liability coverage. Your lawyer can sort through the applicable coverage to ensure you receive the maximum compensation.

Loose Lips Sink Settlements

If you’re recovering from an accident, you may have a lot of time on your hands. Social media may become more important to your sense of community than ever, but do not give details about the accident or your injuries or post photos on those platforms. Insurance companies – and their lawyers – might monitor these accounts, and any posts or photos may be used against you.

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