Getting Your Car Repaired After a Georgia Car Accident

If you recently were involved in a car accident, but your vehicle was not totaled, you’ll want to visit a mechanic as soon as possible to assess the damage and get your car fixed. Keep the following considerations in mind as you interact with your mechanic:

Who Covers the Cost of the Repair in Georgia?

Georgia is a fault state, so if you are deemed responsible for 49 percent of the accident or less, you can obtain damages, including the cost of your vehicle’s repair. If courts deem that you played a small role in the accident (perhaps by speeding or following another vehicle too closely), your total compensation may be reduced.

When to Take Your Car to the Mechanic in Georgia

Timing is everything in car accident cases. Prior to visiting the mechanic, you’ll need to file a police report, seek legal counsel, contact your insurance company, and speak with a claims representative. Some insurers send reps to inspect the damage; others prefer to have you work with a mechanic on your own time. Wait for instruction before moving forward, and be sure to visit a certified mechanic.

Working With Your Georgia Mechanic

It’s best to obtain multiple estimates, but you should first determine whether the shops you intend to visit charge diagnostic fees. Because you will (hopefully) be compensated, you want the best possible repair; the mechanic suggested by your insurer may offer an overpriced quick fix. Don’t downplay the status of your vehicle; let your mechanic know all the symptoms and the full scope of your accident. If you struggle to explain these symptoms, allow your mechanic to take the vehicle on a brief test drive.

Once you receive your estimate, discuss the types of repairs needed, and why. Later, compare estimates from mechanics to determine who will provide the most extensive service for the best price.

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