Uncommon Knowledge About the Georgia Workers’ Compensation System

Most Georgia employees know little about the state’s workers’ compensation program and what happens if they’re injured at work. This lack of understanding can make the compensation process extremely confusing and stressful. Keep reading to learn more about workers’ compensation in the state of Georgia:

Total Workers’ Compensation Claims in Georgia

The State Board of Workers’ Compensation reports that 31,500 indemnity claims occurred in Georgia in the calendar year 2021.  Indemnity benefits, or replacement of lost wages,  in 2021 totaled $706,673,059.  https://sbwc.georgia.gov/organization/about-state-board-workers-compensation/statistics

Lifetime Medical Care is Typically No Longer Available in Georgia Work Accidents

In 2013, Georgia made a significant change to its workers’ compensation model: many workers were suddenly ineligible for benefits after eight years. As a story from NPR and ProPublica points out, this means that those with knee or hip replacements no longer qualify for coverage if, after a decade, their mobility devices wear out. In the most severe cases, however, injured workers may still qualify for long-term compensation.

Georgia Residents Fare Better Than Those Across the Border

Workers’ compensation in Georgia is far from perfect, but as another ProPublica story points out, employees there enjoy far greater compensation than those residing in Alabama. In a report comparing similar injuries across state lines, ProPublica revealed a maximum payment of $118,125 for Georgia workers who lose their arm, compared to just $48,840 for the same injury in Alabama.

Workers’ compensation varies significantly from one state to the next. As a Georgia resident, you could obtain significant compensation for your workplace injury, but your chances of claim acceptance are far greater if you work with a trusted workers’ compensation attorney.

The more you know about workers’ compensation in Georgia, the better.  If you have been injured at work in Georgia contact the attorneys at Smith, Wallis and Scott today at 770-214-2500.