Temporary Total Disability Not So Total

If you are injured while working for an employer in the state of Georgia, you may be entitled to receive income benefits from the company’s insurance provider.  The benefit begins at the time an authorized doctor places you out of work completely or the doctor has placed you on light duty work and the company cannot provide such work for you.

This sounds great at first.  You get paid for not having to work and during your recovery period.  Unfortunately, the benefit is not as satisfying as it may seem.

The income benefit you would be entitled to is called the Temporary Total Disability (TTD) benefit.  The way this benefit is calculated is that the insurance company will take the average of the last 13 weeks you were employed with the company prior to the injury.  Let’s suppose that you were injured on April 1, the company would take the average of the 13 weeks prior to your injury which would be all of the weeks in January, February and March.

Many questions can complicate this calculation.  What if you did not work 13 weeks for the employer?  What if you worked 13 weeks but some weeks you only worked 2 days because of weather conditions?   What if you were injured on the first day of the job?  What if you had two jobs at the time of injury and now cannot work either job?

All great questions and fortunately there is an answer for each one but that is for another post.  (For answers to these questions call 770-214-2500).

Once you have the 13 week average calculated, you will multiply that number by two-thirds or 66%.  If the average of all your wages was $300 then you would receive a check from the workers compensation insurance company for $200.

But there is a catch.  The most you can received is $550 per week.  This means that if you earn more than $825 per week, you will not received two-thirds of your average weekly wage but rather $550.  If you make $1,000 per week you would receive a check for $550.  If you played football in the NFL and earned millions of dollars, your check would be….you guessed it….$550 per week.

This reality could be a severe economic injury to a person who is not completely able to work a regular duty job.

In the end the compensation system that is available to workers injured in Georgia is one of the best in the country.  However, the temporary total disability is NOT so total.

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