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Steps to Take After a Car Accident

Take these three steps after a car accident in Carrollton to protect your injury claim.


Call the Police

Always report your accident and get a police report. It is vital to document evidence when it comes to a car accident case.

Get Medical Treatment

Seek immediate medical treatment for any injuries you sustained in the accident. Follow your doctors orders and complete treatment for your injuries.

Hire a Lawyer

Protect your rights by hiring an attorney. Don't settle for less. Call our experienced car accident lawyers in Carrollton, GA, at 770-214-2500 for a free consultation.

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After a car accident, contacting our car accident lawyers in Carrollton, GA, is imperative to ensure your rights are protected. With the screech of brakes and the sounds and sights of the collision still fresh in your memory, you are likely overwhelmed, emotionally and physically. Once you've had a beat to catch your breath and your bearings, however, you need to focus carefully on the next steps.

A car accident – even one that doesn't lead to serious injuries – can make everything seem like a blur afterward. But if someone else caused the crash, or if you or someone you know got hurt, your well-being and chances to obtain fair compensation for damages may depend on what you do in the critical hours that follow!

Hiring an experienced Carrollton, Georgia car accident attorney makes a lot of sense if you've been seriously injured in a motor vehicle accident. But how do you go about finding appropriate legal representation?

You're in the midst of a difficult situation, and you may be tempted to simply go online and contact the first law firm appearing on the search engines. Resist that temptation – your entire case depends on doing your research and finding a qualified firm that shares your values and has the capacity, knowledge, negotiating chops, and courtroom skills to advocate aggressively on your behalf.

You need the best car accident lawyer in Carrollton on your case. Don't settle for less - call our Carrollton car accident attorneys today at 770-214-2500 to start your free consultation.

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Compensation Available to Georgia Car Accident Victims

Monetary damages cannot reverse the pain of a car accident, but they at least can provide an element of financial relief. Let's take a closer look at the various forms of compensatory.

Medical Expenses

Depending on the extent of the injuries related to the accident, medical expenses can pile up quickly. In addition to sometimes lengthy hospital visits, victims may require ongoing rehabilitative care. Compensatory damages may cover a variety of immediate and ongoing medical expenses.

Lost Wages

If the injuries that occurred during your Georgia accident have left you unable to carry out your usual duties at work, you may be eligible for compensation.

Pain & Suffering

The suffering caused by a car accident goes far beyond physical pain. Emotional trauma is also common. Pain and suffering damages recognize this and compensate victims accordingly.


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Car Accidents

Whether you're suffering from whiplash or broken bones, our car accident lawyers in Carrollton, GA, are here to help you.

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Truck accidents have caused some of the most severe injuries we've seen, and injured victims deserve to be compensated. Contact our accident legal team now.

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If you or a loved one has suffered injuries or death in a motorcycle accident, call our carrollton auto accident lawyers for a free consultation.

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What damages are available after a car accident in Georgia?

Following a car accident in Georgia you are allowed to recover damages for any injuries of property damage that results. These damages fall into the following categories:

Consequential/ special damages

These include things such as medical bills and lost wages or income. These types of damages are generally easily calculated using evidence of medical treatment received or copies of pay stubs.

General damages

These include pain and suffering, stress, loss of consortium (loss of companionship of a spouse), and loss of enjoyment of life. These damages are harder to calculate as everyone deals with issues and injuries differently.

Property damage

This includes damage to your vehicle, personal items, or possibly buildings or other structures that may have been damaged as the result of an accident.

How Can a Carrollton Car Accident Lawyer Help Me?

While you may feel you can handle dealing with the aftermath of a car accident on your own, an experienced car accident lawyer can maximize the compensation you receive, while also easing the burden of dealing with the legal system alone. Car accident lawyers:


Explain to you how Georgia laws work when it comes to a car accident, or negligence, claim.


Ensure deadlines, such as the statute of limitations are met. The statute of limitations provides a deadline for when you can seek compensation for damages in a personal injury case. The limitation in Georgia for most car accident injury claims is two years, but sometimes you are required to give notice of your claim for injuries much sooner. Due to the statute of limitations in Georgia, it is important to hire a personal injury lawyer in Georgia as soon as you possibly can.


Gather evidence such as:

  > Track down and interview witnesses
  > Obtain scene photos, videos, and diagrams if they exist
  > Gather police and employer reports
  > Get photos of involved vehicles
  > Document adverse conditions at accident sites


Deal with the insurance company to find out policy limits and arrange for quick payments for any property damage.


Ensure you receive the maximum amount of compensation allowed under the law.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you're injured in a car accident, you need the award-winning lawyers at SWS Accident & Injury Lawyers in Carrollton. Our attorneys have won millions for our clients, and we want to help you too. That is why we always offer a 100% free consultations if you've been injured in a car accident. Plus, if you hire us, you don't have to pay anything unless we get you paid first. That's right - if we don't get you money, we don't get paid a DIME. This guarantees we will fight tooth and nail to ensure you get all money you deserve following an accident. Call our Carrollton car accident attorneys today at 770-214-2500 to start your free consultation.

Who pays for my car repair after a Georgia car accident?

Georgia is a fault state, so if you are deemed responsible for 49 percent of the accident or less, you can obtain damages, including the cost of your vehicle's repair. However, if courts deem that you played a small role in the accident (perhaps by speeding or following another vehicle too closely), your total compensation may be reduced.

How does a Carrollton, Georgia car accident settlement typically work?

With car accident settlements, sooner is not always better. Typically, it is best to wait until you are medically stable, as you will only understand the full extent of your injuries. However, it is also essential to keep the statute of limitations, generally two years from the date of the accident, in mind.

Once you've obtained appropriate documentation, submit a demand package, including a letter explaining what happened and how it impacted you, plus plenty of documentation to back up your allegations. After the demand package is reviewed, there will likely be some negotiations with the insurance provider. The insurer may claim that the demand is too high, given the extent of the injuries – but this can be negotiated until a settlement that both parties find acceptable is reached. Further complications may occur due to Georgia's modified comparative fault approach, in which the negligence of both parties is considered.

Contact Smith, Wallis & Scott, LLP today to schedule a private consultation; we are here to help you get the compensation you need to rebuild your life.

What happens if negotiations break down?

If negotiations come to an impasse, all hope is not lost. In many cases, mere persistence can spell the difference between coming away with the damages you deserve or nothing at all. Sometimes, the threat of a lawsuit can spur adjusters to act — most are eager to avoid lawsuits at all costs due to both the cost and potential for reputation damage. A different attorney (or, if you've been working alone, an initial attorney) can also make a huge difference.

Is there a formula to determine the compensation you Will receive from car accident injuries?

Statistics rule the insurance industry, and yet, there is no clear formula for calculating the value of injuries incurred in car accidents. Insurers generally use averages to determine what a typical driver may receive, but in reality, nobody fits perfectly into the profile of the "average" person. A vast array of factors play into compensation values, as highlighted below:

Georgia's Fault-Based System

As in many states, Georgia follows a fault-based system in which the at-fault individual is responsible for both property damage and personal injury. This approach offers the potential for several resolutions:

  • The injured person can file a claim with his or her insurance company, which then obtains remuneration from the other driver's insurer.
  • The victim can go directly to the other party's insurer for compensation.
  • The issue can be settled via a personal injury lawsuit.
  • Insurance adjusters seek to determine what the injured party would receive in a jury trial. Companies put a lot of effort into compiling personal injury statistics, along with negotiated settlements.
  • Through examining this data, adjusters have developed multipliers, which may be combined with special damage awards to determine the full extent of compensation.

The Role of Comparative Fault

Comparative fault makes an already confusing system that much more complicated. In Georgia, the primary victim of an accident may be found partially at fault for the incident and, therefore, not entitled to complete damages. For example, if evidence indicates that one driver was impaired, but the other also demonstrated reckless behavior behind the wheel, fault may lie with both parties. The upside? You can usually still secure remuneration if you somehow contributed to the accident — it's just tricky to predict how much you'll receive.

What happens in Georgia if the driver who hit you had no insurance?

The Insurance Research Council estimates that up to 11 percent of Georgia drivers lack insurance coverage. These uninsured individuals constantly put others at risk, leaving them on the hook for financial damages when collisions inevitably occur.

If the other person involved in your recent crash failed to maintain a mandated insurance policy, hope is not lost; you may be able to secure compensation for your accident. Additionally, you can take steps to ensure that you are prepared for future incidents with uninsured drivers.

Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage in Georgia

Uninsured motorist coverage (UMC) protects motorists involved in accidents with those who drive without proper insurance. Underinsured motorist coverage (UIMC) is similar but designed to accommodate crashes involving drivers who obtain the bare minimum — $25,000 in bodily injury liability for one person involved in a collision, $50,000 for all those in a single accident, and $25,000 in property damage liability, as mandated by Georgia law. The state does not, however, require drivers to purchase UMC or UIMC coverage — these are strictly optional. Insurance companies often hesitate to provide fair compensation for those with UMC or UIMC policies, so be prepared for a fight.

Taking Your Case to Court in Georgia

If the other driver was responsible not only for your financial woes but also for the accident itself, personal injury litigation might be possible. A skilled attorney can help you prove that the responsible party behaved negligently not only by failing to obtain necessary insurance but also by exhibiting other reckless behaviors (such as speeding, running through stoplights, or driving under the influence of alcohol) behind the wheel. Consult with a trusted attorney to determine whether litigation is a potential approach.

When Should I Call a Car Accident Lawyer?

Due to legal deadlines, as well as possible destruction of valuable evidence, it is important to consult with a Georgia car accident lawyer as soon as possible following a car accident.

Additionally, an experienced car accident lawyer will ensure you get the proper medical treatment to recover from any injuries you may have suffered, and the faster you begin treatment, the better the outcome tends to be.


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What NOT to do After a Car Accident in Georgia?

A car accident in Georgia accident can ruin your day, week, month, or even year. You might have to endure missing work, damage to your car, and serious physical injuries. Car accidents are terrible experiences, but they can happen to anyone at any time.

Many people have a general understanding of what they should do after a car accident; it's also essential to understand what not to do. Doing the wrong things after a car accident can make a bad situation worse. It could be the difference between getting the compensation you deserve or having to pay out of pocket for injuries and damage.

Here are a few big No-No’s following a car accident:

  • Leave the accident scene
  • Forget to call 911
  • Admit guilt or fault
  • Help the other driver’s insurance company
  • Forget to exchange information with the other driver
  • Forget To Document The Car Crash
  • Neglect The Aftermath
  • SKIP THE DOCTOR – Always see a medical provider following a car accident. Due to adrenaline and shock, sometimes injuries do not present themselves immediately after a car accident. Without a documented medical diagnosis and/or treatment it can be hard to prove any injuries you have are the result of a car accident.

Should I Trust the Auto Insurance Companies?

It is important to remember that auto insurance companies (most anyway) are private businesses or corporations whose main goal is to make a profit for their shareholders. Insurance companies are not charitable entities and do not have your best interest in mind.

Common tactics employed by insurance companies include:

Denying claims outright - Some insurance companies simply make it a policy to outright deny as many claims as they can possibly get away with, which naturally is a great way for them to save big. Some insurance companies go so far as to reward the employees who deny the most claims.

Delay, Delay, Delay - Another tried and true tactic is delaying the process to the point that many people simply give up (meanwhile, insurance companies make money off the interest and investments they are required to hold to pay out claims). Sometimes giving up is just the easiest path—and if you’re injured in a car accident, you may not have much fight left in you.

Speaking in legalese - Contracts of any sort are well known for how hard they are to understand, but car insurance policies often intentionally include legal jargon intended to confuse policyholders. Some insurance companies also incorporate obscure coverage clauses that policyholders don’t understand until it’s too late.

How Much Do Car Accidents Lawyers Charge in Georgia?

Georgia Car Accident Lawyers charge a contingency fee. A contingency fee mean you will pay the lawyer a certain percentage of the money you receive if you win the case or settle out of court.

If you lose your case, the lawyer does not receive any payment from you.

However, whether you win or lose your case, you will have to pay some or all of the court costs and other expenses, which can be quite high. Ask the lawyer for an estimate of such costs before you get started.

If you agree to a contingency fee, make sure the written fee agreement specifies the lawyer’s percentage and whether their share will be figured before or after other costs are deducted.

Contingency fee agreements must also state whether you will be required to pay the lawyer for related matters not specified in the fee agreement, which may arise as a result of your case.

Most car accident contingency fees range anywhere from 25% - 40%.

Can I Sue Someone Following a Car Accident in Georgia?

Yes -- you can sue someone personally following a car accident. In order to be successful, you will be required to prove the following things:

Breach of duty - Every driver has a duty to drive safely when operating a motor vehicle, so you have to prove that the other driver unsafely or negligently operated their vehicle.

Causation - You have to prove the other driver was at-fault, or responsible for causing the accident due to their unsafe driving.

Damages - In order to receive a judgement, or settlement, in your favor you must prove the amount of damage cause by the other drivers actions. This includes the amount of property damage to your vehicle, as well as any personal injuries you may have suffered.

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