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Commercial Truck and Big Rig Accidents in Georgia

SWS Accident & Injury Lawyers have more than 30 years of experience representing victims injured in accidents involving commercial vehicles, big rigs, and 18 wheelers.  Heavy commercial vehicles, Big Rigs/18 Wheelers, and other large trucks constitute less than 5 percent of all registered vehicles nationwide.  Yet statistics from the National Safety Council reveal that over […]

How to Recover After a Georgia Car Accident Injury

Coping After a Georgia Accident Injury Coping after a Georgia car accident injury isn't easy. In the weeks, months, or even years following your car accident, you may feel frightened, guilty, angry, or depressed. These emotions can fluctuate wildly and take over at a moment's notice. Unfortunately, they can also get in the way of […]

Behind the Curtain - How Changes are Made to Georgia's Workers' Compensation Act

You may already be familiar with how a law is passed in Georgia.  First, a bill is passed by both parts of the state legislature (House of Representatives and Senate).  The bill is then sent to the governor to sign.  If the governor signs the bill, it becomes law.   This is same method established by […]

Common Delay Tactics in Georgia Workers' Compensation Claims

An insurance company’s primary goal is to maximize profits for its shareholders.  The main way they do this is by minimizing the amount they pay out in claims. Some workers’ compensation insurance companies use delay tactics to slow down the claims process, hoping claimants will eventually give up or accept lowball settlement offers.  Below are […]

Common Terms in a Georgia Personal Injury Case

Legal jargon and terminology can be difficult to understand for anyone, including lawyers.  Below is a list of commonly used legal terms in a Georgia personal injury claim. Personal injury Personal injury refers to any injury caused by another party’s negligence. It could be physical, mental, or emotional and includes property damage. The victim can […]

Do I Sue My Employer if I am Injured at Work in Georgia?

Most of the time when someone thinks about being compensated after an injury in Georgia they think about filing a lawsuit.  Visions of lawyers, judges, juries, and courtrooms may run through your mind.  Well in Georgia, it is a little different.  In Georgia, a workers' compensation case is a hybrid.  It begins as an insurance […]

How to Choose the Right Georgia Car Accident Lawyer

Facing a personal injury can be a challenging and overwhelming experience.  Choosing the right lawyer to represent your interests is an important decision that can often affect the outcome of your case. In this blog post we will guide you through the steps you should take to help you in choosing the best Georgia car […]

Georgia Workers' Compensation FAQ's

After a work injury in Georgia, it is normal to have questions and concerns.  Below are answers to some of the more frequently asked questions our clients have about workers' compensation following a work accident in Georgia. What is workers' compensation? Workers’ compensation is an accident insurance program paid by your employer which may provide […]

How Can a Georgia Car Accident Lawyer Help Me?

While you may feel you can handle dealing with the aftermath of a car accident on your own, an experienced Georgia car accident lawyer can maximize the compensation you receive, while also easing the burden of dealing with the legal system alone.   As part of their representation, a Georgia car accident lawyer will: Explain How […]

Employee vs. Independent Contractor under Georgia Workers' Compensation Laws

Under Georgia's workers compensation laws employees of a business are covered by workers' compensation insurance, while independent contractors are not.  Independent contractors have been traditionally limited to construction.  With a general contractor overseeing a job and then hiring specialized sub or independent contractors to perform certain work, such as plumbing, electrical, roofing, etc.  But as […]

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