Taking Care of Life, Work, and Your Family After You’ve Been Hurt in a Georgia Car Crash

A serious car accident changes your life, perhaps forever. While you are recuperating, life goes on… and the expenses and obligations stack up. In addition to paying the rent or mortgage and putting food on the table, you now have medical bills to add to the list. Your car is history (or at least damaged), and you must deal with the insurance company. You can’t work without pain, and you may need to care for your children, pets or other dependents during this stressful period.

Taking Stock and Prioritizing

Worrying about the future hampers your ability to get better, and that is your primary focus at this point. If you don’t have someone to care for your and your family’s needs, focusing on recovery is hard. Reach out to family and friends. If you belong to a church, you may end up pleasantly surprised by the help offered. If a family member or a boss contends that you’re not really that hurt – hard to believe but it happens – ask your doctor to set them straight.

The initial route for finding good child or pet care is asking family and friends, but if they can’t help you, don’t despair. If you are active on social media, and your town has a local Facebook page, ask for recommendations for such services. In a worst-case scenario, you can board your pets at a local kennel or veterinary practice. If finding an at-home babysitter is a problem, your children may have to go into daycare temporarily or extended after-school care. Speak to the providers regarding transportation. Perhaps another parent could pick up and drop off your children, or neighbors could help you out.

Take Your Time after an Accident

You want to get better, return to work and ensure your children’s welfare. You may feel pressure from your company about deadlines and projects on which you were working. See if it is possible to work on some projects from home – if you are up to it. You aren’t doing yourself or your employer any favors if such tasks are beyond you at this point.

After a severe injury, it can take a long time to fully assess how badly you were hurt. The insurance company wants you to settle right away – they are interested in their bottom line. Do not sign any agreements with the insurance company. Georgia law generally allows victims two years to file a lawsuit, so you have plenty of time to find out the extent of your accident-related disabilities. Ongoing rehabilitation may be necessary. The accident may have affected your ability to return to your job or your earning capacity. Bear in mind that, depending on circumstances, you may be able to seek compensation for child care expenses or pet care costs you incurred while recovering.

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