Creating Your Best Life After Georgia Workers’ Compensation

Looking Ahead to an Ideal Life After Your Workers’ Compensation Struggles Have Been Resolved

Persistence and resilience only come from having been given the chance to work though difficult problems. Gever Tulley

In the darkest days of your workers’ compensation ordeal, a future free of physical and financial suffering may seem impossible. The following is a possible picture of your life after workers’ comp success:

You’ve Resumed Your Career

In your vision of life after workers’ comp, perhaps you’ve returned to work following a lengthy recovery period. Maybe you carry out the same daily tasks that occupied your time prior to your injury. Another possible outcome: your injury convinced you to take stock of your career and what it could be. Rather than return to your former job, you now enjoy a better position for an employer who values your health and safety. Either way, you earn enough to get by, and you enjoy complete professional satisfaction.

Rewarding Life Outside of Work

There is more to life than work. While the right job can deliver fulfillment, many people with seemingly miserable occupations find happiness nonetheless. Be realistic about your job prospects; if a full return to work isn’t in the cards, envision a satisfying life away from the daily grind. Your injury may keep you from your previous position, but you can still make the most of your talent as a part-time employee or volunteer.

Allow Yourself to Mourn, Briefly

Denying reality will only make you feel worse. If your injury destroyed your career trajectory, take some time to feel bad about it. Set a limit on your mourning, however. In select situations, Georgia workers’ compensation covers mental health treatment; take advantage of counseling opportunities.

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