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Workplace injuries in Georgia can be devastating and financially costly for employees and employers alike. Even a minor injury that forces an employee to miss work, or limits their ability to perform their normal job duties, can have negative consequences for both employees and businesses.  Here a some of the most common work injuries we see through Georgia.

Slips and falls

Injuries related to slips and falls are among the most common workplace injuries, accounting for approximately 33 percent of all worker injuries. Falls at work can result from a number of factors, including wet or slippery floors, poor lighting, uneven surfaces, hidden or misplaced cords and other obstacles.

These injuries can vary in their severity but may result in:

  • Fractures
  • back injuries
  • Wrist or arm injuries
  • Foot, or leg injuries
  • traumatic brain injuries or concussions

Equipment Strikes

Workers across many industries are at risk of being hit by equipment or falling objects, but these injuries occur most frequently at construction sites, factories, and warehouses.  These accidents can result in serious injuries that often lead to lengthy recovery periods and significant medical treatment, including surgery and rehabilitation.  These injuries can also lead to 3rd party claims against individuals or companies responsible.

Repetitive Motion Injuries

Repetitive motion injuries, also know as cumulative trauma, injuries are a common occupational hazard in all industries.  In particular, manufacturing and assembly line workers, as well as office workers who use a computer are at an increased risk of developing repetitive motion injuries as a result of their job duties.

Repetitive motion injuries can include conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis. While these conditions can often be treated conservatively, which means without surgery, theycan be extremely painful and cause decreased mobilization over time.

Lifting injuries

Lifting injuries can occur anytime someone picks up, carries, or handles a heavy or oversized objects.  Lifting is a common activity in almost every industry, and it presents a risk of injury when done improperly or without proper safety equipment.

While these injuries are rarely fatal, they can result in long-term back, shoulder, knee, and hip injuries that make it difficult to carry out normal work duties.  When lifting objects of significant size or weight, is is extremely important to observe the proper technique and use any safety devices provided by an employer.

Motor Vehicle crashes

Many industries involve transportation, including taxi services, mail and delivery services, schools and construction. Now that home-delivery services are becoming increasingly popular, more drivers are on the roads than ever before, making accidents inevitable.

These accidents can result in severe injuries that can lead to temporary or permanent disabilities which require extensive medical care.  This is particularly true if the accident involves large trucks or buses.

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