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We receive calls all of the time asking about Georgia workers' compensation settlements.  Some of the more frequently asked questions include:

  1. How long does it typically take for a workers' compensation case to reach a settlement in Georgia?
  2. Does the duration of the settlement process impact the final settlement amount?
  3. If I delay settling my case, could I potentially miss a crucial deadline or statute of limitations?

To gain a better understanding of settlements, it's essential to remember one thing: you are not obligated to settle your case, and likewise, the insurance company is not required to settle either.  As such, not even a judge can force you to settle your case.

While settlement is not mandatory for either party, many workers' compensation cases do eventually reach a resolution. However, predicting a specific timeframe for a settlement remains uncertain.

Despite the absence of a fixed timeline for settlements, there are instances where it might be advantageous to contemplate settling your case.

Can you wait to long to settle a workers' compensation case in Georgia?

The response to this question is maybe. Certain cases can be resolved within a few months, while others may extend over several years before reaching a settlement

You have the flexibility to settle your case at any time by reaching an agreement with the insurance company regarding the settlement amount and its terms. Technically, you could settle your case as soon as a week after your injury.

However, settling your case too early is generally not advisable. Doing so might lead to unfavorable outcomes in the long term. Many individuals make the mistake of settling prematurely, especially when they haven't received all the necessary medical treatment. Settling before a comprehensive diagnosis by the doctor occurs can result in uncertainty about the appropriate settlement amount, as the full extent of the injury may not be accurately known at that early stage.

Are there other reasons to settle my Georgia workers compensation case quickly?

Numerous severe injuries can hinder individuals from resuming physical jobs, potentially making a return to work with the same employer unfeasible.

In such circumstances, there's a hope that you might eventually find employment in a different capacity. However, re-entering the workforce after an extended absence poses challenges for many. A prolonged gap in your work history may raise questions among potential future employers.

If the time between your injury and settlement results in a significant hiatus in your employment, particularly if your current employer terminates your contract, it could be advantageous to consider settling sooner rather than later. This choice may help mitigate the potential negative impact of an extended work gap on your employability.

When is the right time to settle my Georgia workers' compensation case?

Determining the optimal time to settle a workers' compensation case lacks a straightforward answer. Several crucial factors should be taken into account when making this decision.

A pivotal factor to consider is reaching maximum medical improvement, a term used by doctors to signify that your injury has essentially reached its peak recovery point. At this stage, you gain valuable insights into the future impact of your injury, allowing for a more accurate assessment of necessary future medical treatments.

As you approach maximum medical improvement, you can better gauge your ability to return to work, as well as the type of work you can handle. This period becomes opportune for contemplating a settlement since you have a clearer understanding of your future medical needs and work capabilities.

It's important to note, however, that a doctor's declaration of reaching maximum medical improvement doesn't guarantee absolute accuracy. Doctors may not always be infallible in their assessments. Therefore, the decision to settle should align with your personal assessment of being at maximum medical improvement and not requiring further medical treatment.

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