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In Georgia, the occurrence of medical malpractice often leaves individuals or their acquaintances deeply surprised. We anticipate that the healthcare professionals we rely on for our well-being will consistently prioritize actions that prevent harm. Regrettably, the truth reveals that in the United States, overworked, inadequately trained, and negligent providers contribute to injuries and illnesses on a daily basis.

Medical Malpractice/Error Facts

  • Recent data shows the top three malpractice allegations are 34.1% misdiagnosis, 21.4% surgical error, and 21.1% treatment error.
  • Diagnostic errors cause 80,000 to 100,000 deaths in the US each year.
  • Unfortunately, medical doctors are under a lot more stress than your average profession. Stress brings with it burn-out, depression, and double the suicide rate of the general population. Many doctors admit that they’re overworked.
  • You absolutely can wait too long to file a case. Every state is different, but there’s usually something called a “statute of limitations,” or a time frame you have to file.  In Georgia,  you have two years from the date of the malpractice, or when a reasonable person would realize malpractice has occurred, to seek legal action from the malpractice incident.
  • Medical malpractice cases take time. Some are quicker than others, but it can take several months, and even years. Believe it or not, about 95% of cases settle out of court. This means that your law firm and the person or group you’re suing come to an agreement on their own.
  • Medical negligence is currently, according to Johns Hopkins University, the 3rd leading cause of death in the US.
  • A recent study estimates as many as 22,165 preventable deaths occur in hospitals each year. This does not include situations of malpractice where patients are injured or contract diseases unrelated to their initial condition.
  • Cancer is the most common misdiagnosed condition in medical malpractice.
  • The majority of medical malpractice cases require no money up front. If your law firm believes you have a strong case they’ll actually foot the bill. If you win, your lawyer gets an agreed upon percentage and will also get reimbursed legal fees. The good news is, if you lose you don’t owe them anything.
  • Having a team of medical malpractice experts on your side is vital. In a malpractice suit, you’re usually going against giant corporations. You need expert witnesses and an experienced firm to win. Do your research and carefully select your firm.

If you or a family member have been the victim of medical malpractice give our lawyers a call today at (770) 214-2500 for a free consultation.

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